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If you’re an avid antique collector, you’re going to love the selection at Country Lane. We have a variety of cabinets, end tables, islands and side boards. Our inventory is constantly circulating, so we always have something new on display.

Are you looking for a particular kind of piece? Call Country Lane today to ask our associates what we have in stock. Dial 812-385-1129 to learn more about our antique selection.

3 reasons to buy antiques at Country Lane

3 reasons to buy antiques at Country Lane

Antiques never go out of style. Whether you find a charming hutch from the 1950s or the perfect wooden bench to complement your bedroom furniture set, Country Lane is the perfect place to shop for one-of-a-kind antiques.

Here are three reasons to skip the major furniture outlet the next time you shop for furniture:

  1. Add character to any modern furniture set.
  2. Find higher quality materials than what’s on the market today.
  3. Customize pieces by changing the upholstery or painting them.

We also have booths available for selling your own antiques at Country Lane. Call 812-385-1129 today for more information.